Water drop like outer border

The water drop like outer border represents the geographical shape of Sri Lanka and water (life). The colour of the shape represents the first ever Sri Lankan kingdom “Thambapanni” (the Land of coppery sands)

Four Human figures

Four human figures in the logo represent the energetic and active youth. The colours of them represent good health and wellbeing.

Detail Description...

With a smiling Sun all year around, golden beaches, scenic wildlife, colorful culture and lovely people, none can deny that there is no other country in the world, like Sri Lanka.

In addition to many virtues owned by it, Sri Lanka is a country which believes in Youth. Youth with discipline, leadership and personality in education, economy and technology. Thus it is not surprising to see that the University of Colombo, the epitome of Sri Lanka’s higher education, hosting AUAYF – 2019.

In taking the news of this magnificent event to the world, official logo of AUAYF – 2019 cannot be ignored. In fact it is the jewel which shines brightly claiming the attention of the whole world. That is because it is something unique, with the touch and taste of Sri Lankan identity. It’s an impressive combination which brings about the very foundation of AUA in a subtle way while incorporating county’s own brand to it.

Just like an iceberg floating in the ocean with its tip above the surface, symbol of this logo is the tip where a much deeper meaning lies beneath it.

The logo has a shape of a water droplet. This symbolizes two main things. One is the geographical shape of Sri Lanka. To be a bit bold, it is a good imitation of the shape. Another meaning is the literal meaning of shape. Water. Sri Lanka is an island completely surrounded by vast ocean. Not only that, being a tropical country receiving rain throughout the year, it is a country which rarely suffers from lack of water. Water which is a good equivalent to Life, being an essential component of life, suggests that Sri Lanka in fact is teeming with life. Accompanying this concept of Life into logo of AUAYF, can be safely interpreted as an effort to imply that the youth is in fact the life of a county. 

Copper color of the outline of this logo is a significant symbol for the country. It stands for the copper colored beaches surrounding the country. They brought the name “Thambapanni” to the country around 500 B.C. It means the “Land of Coppery Sand” which is nothing but true. It was at this beautiful shore around the north east coast of Sri Lanka, Prince Vijaya and his crew from India landed and Vijaya became the king of this land. Sinhalese who are descendants of Vijaya are the proud owners of this paradise like land up to date.

There are four human figures inside the logo. This depicts many things including the energetic athletic youth. They are of different colors; Red, Yellow, Green and Blue as well as different sizes and shapes. These different colors symbolizes good health and well-being of the vibrant youth. Yet some one could easily point that it also represents the youth which belong to different social groups living in peace and harmony. It sends a good message to the world where youth suffers from the ignorance of value and strength of unity.

The differences in size and shapes of human figures shows that youth have abandoned many differences among them, to unite under one common purpose which supports the very foundation of AUA of addressing developmental issues, youth empowerment and promoting cultural as well as academic exchange.

The mentioned figures are rising from the bottom of the logo definitely suggests the AUAYF’s stance; that the roots of youth runs deeper into a country and contributes to its basis. Educated youth hold a country’s foundation firmly, anchoring to the vision and mission of AUAYF itself.

Such a simple yet daringly meaningful logo is speaking to the minds of youth pursuing knowledge and wisdom through higher education, not only in Asia, but also in the whole world, to join hands in bringing forth a successful generation of wise and disciplined youth for the betterment of the world.