"After the forum, I could consider more deeply of the sustainability of the planet and how ethics of production should be in the future. I was also able to think not only of what I eat but of the overall balance of life…"
University of Tokyo. Japan
Akane Kuma
“AUAYF 2019 was undoubtedly one of the best forums I have attended so far. I experienced so many things in just 5 short days! Your hospitality and kindness will always make me miss Sri Lanka. Ayubowan!”
Universitas Indonesia. Indonesia
Chorina Mega Noviana
“…I didn't realize that just around me, in Asia, there existed such colorful exotic cultures and places worth exploring and understanding. Kazakhstan, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia... These Southeast Asian countries, in my mind before, were just nouns. Now, they mean far more to me than a single term. The world is more complete for me. AUAYF allowed me to break down stereotypes and reshape my worldview…”
Tsinghua University, China
Wenxin Zhang
“We had a great time…the organization level of the forum was high. The sessions, helped us to look at the problem from different perspectives. The network we created and the friends we made were important...”
Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan
Inzhu Zholymbetova
“To participate in AUAYF 2019 was such an honor for me… We built such a strong connection between each other which I believe would really equip us later in the future, especially in terms of helping one another..”
University of Indonesia, Indonesia
Obed Timotius